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California Personal Injury Lawyers

You may be entitled to compensation if you’ve recently been hurt in an accident in California. If someone else is responsible for your injuries, KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC will work tirelessly to hold them fully accountable.

Don’t let insurance companies push you around or scare you into accepting less money than your case is worth. Call our California personal injury lawyers and have us fight to get you all of the money you deserve. 

We offer a free initial case evaluation. Contact our law office in California to schedule a time to discuss your case with our compassionate legal team. We’ll gladly listen to your side of the story, provide a brief overview of your options, and address any questions that you might have. Call to get started today.

Recent Results


Rear-end collision injury requiring a discectomy and fusion. Case settled at mediation.


Taxi collision with a truck on the 405 freeway. Case settled at mediation.


Car crash case settled for $475,000 after a $20,000 offer from insurance. 


Rear-end soft tissue injury caused by a defendant engaged in illegal street racing.


Slip and fall at a convenience store, defendant denied any liability.

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Client Reviews

“Hands down the best attorney experience I have ever had. They listened to my concerns and did EVERYTHING in their power to make me happy. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm.”

Tasha A.

“Just want to give a BIG Thank You to one of the Best law Firms. My case was handled in a timely manner. I didn’t have to worry about nothing.”

Randy F.

“I’ve come to them twice and both times they gave great assistance with everything I asked for and more. Their team is immensely knowledgeable in what they do and also very professional in their craft. I would most definitely recommend them to others!”

Daveon McAdams


Benefit From Decades of Legal Experience

There’s a lot riding on your personal injury case. Your choice of an attorney is critically important. At KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC, our lawyers focus exclusively on personal injury law. It’s all we do. And, we do it well.

Every day, we put our more than 40 years of collective experience to work for the benefit of our clients. Since we opened our doors in 2009, we’ve represented countless accident and injury victims across the state of California and helped them recover millions of dollars in life-changing compensation. 

Let our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the law work in your favor. Give our law firm a call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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Don’t Hesitate to Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Skilled Attorneys

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We’re always here to take your call – 24/7/365

When you get hurt and decide to pursue compensation, you deserve to work with a law firm that will put you first. You deserve to work with attorneys who truly care about you and understand that you are a human being with feelings and needs. That you’re so much more than a number on a case file.

That’s why KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC should be your first call after an accident. Our personal injury attorneys have experienced what it’s like to be in your shoes. We know that insurance companies will make the process of recovering compensation incredibly difficult. We know just how important it is to have an ally who will be fierce and unyielding in their pursuit of compensation for you.

And, that’s what we strive to do for our clients every single day. We believe that success is all in the details. So, we are meticulous in the cases we handle. While we will certainly attempt to secure a swift and substantial award for you, we will never compromise substance and quality. We’ll scrutinize your case from all angles and analyze every small detail.

Our tenacity and attention to detail have helped us recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. We’ll put our tried-and-true strategies to work for you, too.

Our Promise: No Win, No Fee.

Accidents tend to be expensive. So expensive, in fact, that you might have reservations about hiring an attorney. We don’t want money to stand between you and the legal help you deserve. That’s why KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC operates on contingency.

We do not get paid unless and until we win your case. There are no upfront costs. We front the money to cover your expenses. When we win, our law firm recovers a pre-agreed-upon percentage of your settlement or award.

This means that there are absolutely zero risks involved in hiring our lawyers for help with your personal injury case. So, give us a call to discuss your case today. As always, your initial case evaluation is also 100 percent free.

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Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Insurance companies will not want to pay up after a car accident. Our attorneys will not let them push you around. We’ll gather the evidence that’s necessary to support your demands for compensation. We’ll work to hold insurers and all at-fault parties full accountable so that you are awarded every last dollar you deserve.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Cities in California have some of the most dangerous intersections in the nation – especially for pedestrians. Since pedestrians have very little to protect themselves in the event of a crash, injuries tend to be catastrophic, if not fatal. The costs of these injuries can be overwhelming. Our lawyers will fight to make sure that anyone who contributes to a pedestrian accident is identified and forced to take financial responsibility for the harm they’ve caused.

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Bicycle Accidents

While cities across California have invested a lot of resources into bicycle infrastructure, roads are still incredibly dangerous for cyclists. Many times, riders are forced into traffic with cars and other vehicles. As cars speed by, it’s easy for riders to get clipped or struck by behind. To add insult to injury, negligent drivers point fingers and blame riders for their own injuries. Our team is prepared to stop this blame game from working. We fight on behalf of injured riders, doing everything we can to prove that you must be compensated for your injuries.

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Wrongful Death

Not everyone who is involved in an accident survives. However, that doesn’t mean that the right to file a lawsuit and demand compensation is lost. It simply shifts to the victim’s family. Navigating a wrongful death claim after a traumatic and devastating loss can be difficult. Our compassionate team will take the lead on your case so that you can focus on coming to terms with your loss and grieving.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners will be quick to point fingers and cast blame, not accept responsibility for a slip and fall accident. So, it’ll be important to prove that an accident was a result of the owner’s negligence. Our accident attorneys will investigate your slip and fall thoroughly, gathering whatever information and evidence might help to substantiate your personal injury claim. When faced with hard evidence and solid facts, owners will have to take your case seriously.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Even though most motorcyclists wear helmets and protective gear, they are still vulnerable to catastrophic injuries if they’re involved in a crash. When someone else is responsible, even in part, they have to be held accountable. That’s the only way an injured rider can recover money to help with medical bills, make up for lost wages, and compensate for the trauma of the accident. Our attorneys are prepared to do whatever we can to make that a reality for you.

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Truck Accidents

Large trucks travel up and down California constantly. Unfortunately, drivers are often in a rush and don’t always use the degree of care they should behind the wheel. This can be disastrous, especially for occupants of smaller vehicles. Following a truck accident, our attorneys will aggressively pursue damages from all liable parties, including the truck driver, trucking companies, and other motorists on the road.

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Uber Accidents

Uber might be convenient, but it’s not necessarily the safest way to get around. Uber drivers aren’t professionals. They’re not held to heightened standards. Rideshare drivers are among the most distracted on the road. And, Uber won’t take responsibility for your injuries after a crash. Our lawyers will exhaust all possible sources of compensation after a car accident involving an Uber. We’ll turn to the driver, their personal insurer, Uber’s insurance provider, and other negligent parties to maximize your recovery.

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And More

At KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC, our attorneys focus exclusively on representing clients who have suffered avoidable injuries in California. We handle all personal injury matters, including injuries arising from defective products and product liability, medical negligence, negligent security, premises liability, dog bites, boating accidents, workplace accidents, and more. The consequences of any injury – big or small – can change your life forever. So, no accident case is too big or too small. If you need help, give us a call to learn more.

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Why should you hire a California personal injury attorney

You Need Time to Get Better

Others Will Try to Blame You

Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To

Valuing an Injury Claim is Tough

Every day you wait to hire an attorney, your case loses value

Our team knows what it’s like to suffer serious injuries in an accident. We know that, in addition to severe physical injuries, an accident can inflict debilitating emotional distress. We know that it takes time to recover from these tangible and intangible wounds. It’s tough to focus on your recovery when you’re trying to navigate a complicated and contested injury claim.

Fortunately, you don’t have to assume the stress and responsibility of fighting insurance companies and pursuing compensation on your own. You can – and should – ask for help. When you enlist the help of a lawyer, you can not only position yourself to maximize your recovery, but also give yourself the time you need – and deserve – to focus on what’s most important: you.

In California, anyone who contributes to an accident can be held financially responsible for the consequences. So, it’s common for at-fault parties to point fingers in an effort to deflect blame and limit liability. Many times, crash victims like you will be blamed for your own injuries. If these tactics go unchallenged, your ability to recover compensation can be compromised.

Our lawyers know that the more blame that’s allocated to you, the less money you can ultimately get at the end of the day. So, we’ll be prepared to discredit allegations that you share fault or, at the very least, downplay your role in your accident. We’ll conduct an exhaustive investigation and gather any evidence that can shift blame to others. We’ll be relentless in our defense of you because that’s the only way to protect your ability to get the money you need and deserve.

The last thing that insurance companies want is for you to have the time and opportunity to hire a lawyer. Why? The moment you get an attorney involved things change. When you’re represented by an attorney, insurers know that they’ll have to play by the rules. Adjusters won’t be able to rely on their old manipulative tactics, designed to scare you into walking away without money or accepting a lowball settlement. The moment you hire a lawyer, insurance companies are stripped of any advantage they might have had.

KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC has been challenging insurance companies in California for more than a decade. Since 2009, our trial lawyers made it clear to insurers across the state that we won’t stand for anything less than good faith claim evaluations and fair negotiation practices. When insurance companies refuse to cooperate, our team doesn’t hesitate to take things to the next level. Our cases are meticulously prepared for all possibilities – including a jury trial.

How do you know what your personal injury case is worth? Who gets to decide? Insurance companies will undoubtedly try to control this aspect of your case. In fact, adjusters might invest a great deal of time in finding a way to minimize how much money you’re ultimately offered and awarded. The only way to make sure that you’re positioned to get all of the money you deserve is by backing your demands for compensation with facts, solid evidence, and strong legal arguments. This is precisely what your personal injury lawyer will work to do.

At KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC, our attorneys will investigate your case from top to bottom. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we work to determine causation and fault. We’ll bring in experts to help us gather the proof we need and understand the extent of your injuries. This detailed and comprehensive approach will allow us to hold insurers accountable and maximize your recovery.

Following an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. However, you will not have an unlimited amount of time to assert your rights and demand the money you’re due under the law. California state law imposes statutes of limitations on all injury claims. The amount of time you will have to act will ultimately depend on the specific circumstances of your case.

Generally speaking, most personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the date of an accident. You could have more time if there are extenuating circumstances (e.g., the defendant can’t be located or you were a minor at the time of injury) or less time if your claim involves the government or demand for workers’ compensation. 

If you miss the deadline that applies to your case, you will lose the right to get anything, at all. So, it is often critical to work with an experienced lawyer from the very start. At KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC, our team can get to work on your case as soon as you ask for our help. This way, you can know that you won’t be barred from a recovery just because of a procedural technicality.

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You Deserve Advocates Who Care

Have you or a loved one recently been involved in an accident or suffered an unexpected injury in California? You could be entitled to a substantial monetary settlement or award. In order to maximize your recovery, it’s important to have an experienced personal injury attorney advocating on your behalf. At KJ Injury & Accident Lawyers, PC, we’ll put our more than 40 years of collective experience to work to hold negligent parties accountable and secure all of the compensation you need and deserve.

You probably have a ton of questions. That’s why our law firm offers a consultation at absolutely no cost to you. This way, you can sit down and talk about your case with an accomplished attorney. You can learn about your rights and the potential options for recovery that might be available to you. We’ll do our best to address your concerns and answer your questions. Give us a call or connect with us online to get started today.