Car Accident

Diminished Value Accident Claims

Individuals are shocked to learn they might not receive the full value of their property damage claim after a car accident. Insurance companies cheat victims out of thousands of dollars in damages because they do not know how much their accident claim is worth. If a person is not familiar with diminished value accident claims,… read more

What Does Yielding the Right of Way Mean?

Understanding and obeying traffic laws are crucial to avoiding tickets and staying safe on the road. While there are many signs that make a variety of rules of the road clear and obvious, the concept of yielding the “right-of-way” can be more ambiguous. First and foremost, yielding means slowing down or coming to a complete… read more

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Los Angeles?

There are no California traffic laws that prohibit you from driving barefoot in Los Angeles. You can slip your shoes off and drive without fear of getting a traffic ticket. However, does that make driving barefoot safe? Taking Your Shoes Off While Driving in Los Angeles Even though it may be legal to take your… read more

How to Get a Copy of a Traffic Accident Report in Los Angeles

If you are in a traffic accident in Los Angeles, one of three different law enforcement departments could respond to the accident scene. The location of the accident generally dictates which law enforcement agency responds. The easiest way to report the accident and request assistance is to call 911. If possible, note which law enforcement… read more